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New Ford Fiesta roadtest, BBC Top Gear style

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This simply has to be the most expensive road test of a new car ever undertaken in the UK, bet they don't go to these extremes in the USA.....

Sit back and enjoy Jeremy Clarkson put the new Ford Fiesta through it's paces.

And then, ask yourself the question, "Would you buy this particular car now??"
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Is the chase scene and the beach landing from the Quantum of Solace movie? (haven't seen it yet)
"The Corvette is stuck in British Home Stores!!!"

"That gunfire can be quite loud, can't it? Can you get that door shut?"

"The smoke grenades fit perfectly in the cup holders!"

"Do you want to just shoot from in here? Would that be more comfortable?"

"These carpets are just excellent. No evidence at all of the Marines' muddy boots!"

:lol: :hyst: :clap:
When i buy a new car I always check to see if a zebras head will fit in the trunk, if it dosnt well it's just not worth buying :shrug: and if i cant fit a half a kid inside it's simple I won't even look twice at it. ;-|
:hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:

What a head case!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease:
Now that was the best I have seen all day :popcorn: :rockon:
I like the shape of this new fiesta. Would i purchase that model ? NO! Must admit a 1.6 litre four pot would be superb on fuel economy. My two main factors for not buying that Fiesta are 1: It's just a wee tad , on the small side regarding interior cabin space. 2: That tiny 1.6 litre engine is not my cup of tea.

For a little car, that Fiesta has a pleasant design. It has that sort of cute appeal.
I agree it's cute. I owned a 1980 model with the 1.6L Kent engine. Not particularly quick, but it would cruise all day long (and I do mean all day long) at 80 mph! Not only that, but even after almost 100K miles it was still tight.

According to all the mags Ford improves them with every iteration. So, if I had a need for a small sedan, I would have no problem investing in the new Fiesta. :yes:
seems like the perfect car for the mob, and marines. :hyst:
that is the funniest road test i have ever seen, if i was in the market for a super sport compact, or is that a super compact sport model, i would go and drive one of those. i love that beach landing. "are you a bit cold?" and hahaha.. im still laughing. "the smoke grenades fit perfectly in teh cup holders, you can only fit 2 mags in the glove box"
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