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Hey, So i'm new here, i found this site by searching around for a 3" lift for my escape. haha.
umm.. where to start.. umm my name is seth allen, i drive a 2003 ford escape xlt, im 17,and i live in alabama.

and here is basically what ive done so far to my car:

-Sony explode head unit.
-Magna flow performance exhaust.
-3x18" tips
-two KickerComp 12" subs with a kicker amp,
-new tensioned pulley since it decided to go out ha.
-and a PA

How about some pics?
head unit

rear shot.

umm slight dent on the back left door got hit by a drunk driver.

and side view.

i plan on getting a little lift on it and puting my 31" uniroyal A/t Tires on here the end of this month.
as for the lift im not sure when i will have enough money to get it seeings how i have to do all the work my self.
i plan on getting a 3" lift for it that way it wont be too much and wont look ridiculous,

future plans:
-ares brush guard
-4 KC lights on the roof rack
-New rims which i have already found just waiting to get the money,
-new headunit
-and HID headlights and hopefully a led light kit on the inside lights,

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Nice ride young man and welcome to the city.
When I was your age, my ride was a 3 speed bike :lol:

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Good looking ride :thumb:
Nice to see another No Bounds on here. My first ride was a Chevette, not nearly as fun or good looking as the Escape.
Looks like you've got some big sound going too. I miss being able to turn up the volume, not recomended when you've got a child under 2. :stop:
Welcome to the City.
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