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Hey folks! Just joined the forum today, after recently purchasing a new Ford Escape.

I traded in my old '94 Mazda B4000 under the Cash for Clunkers program, and acquired a 2009 Ford Escape XLT 2.5L FWD in Black Pearl Slate w/ Sun & Sync and Cargo packages. I briefly considered the hybrid version, but couldn't justify the extra cost.

I had intended to milk another couple years out of my Mazda pickup (purchased new in '93, and had 170k miles when I clunked it), but the C4C deal helped to speed up my purchase plans. Anyway, I had requested and received a price quote in early July, but didn't go in to the dealership until just before the C4C program rollout (I went in on July 22nd). They still had the vehicle I wanted, and still were willing to honor the price they quoted. I put down a $1k deposit so that they would hold the Escape for me, with the understanding that I would come back in after the C4C rules were finalized.

They called me up on Friday morning (July 24th), just as I was all packed up and ready to head out of town on a camping trip, asking if I could come in to finish the deal. As excited as I was to take home my new ride, and would have loved to take it on the camping trip, I knew that "finishing the deal" would probably be a fairly long ordeal, so I told 'em I would come in on Monday after work, and headed out of town.

Here's my old Mazda pickup, on that camping trip... it's "swan song" journey, so to speak, before sending it off to be crushed. Yes, we removed the dog first. ;)

On Monday after work, I had to swing by my insurance company to get a letter stating that I've had the old pickup insured continuously for the past year. It was a 105-degree day in Tucson that day, and although the A/C in the Mazda had been working fine, it decided to stop working that afternoon. I'm pretty sure the pickup knew what was going on, and this was it's way of saying "Eff You!" On top of that, as I left the insurance company, the driver side window wouldn't roll down. Seems I was unloading the Mazda just in the nick of time!

Anyway, closed on the deal that evening (after 3 hours or so of paperwork and waiting around), and am now a happy owner of my new Escape!

I've been too busy driving it around and exploring all the features to take any decent photos, but here's a cell phone picture from my first visit when I put down the deposit:

As an aside, have any other "Black Pearl Slate" owners noticed that it looks blue or green under certain lighting conditions? It's like a little chameleon!

Anyway, absolutely love the new vehicle, and glad to be part of your community here!

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Hi there and welcome to the City ! :hi:

Very nice looking Escape that you chose ! We have an 08 black pearl slate and I definitely know what you mean about it changing color depending on the lighting. I just know that you are going to love your new vehicle.

Looks like a beautiful dog you have there. We have a pet pics section if you would like to post some pics when you get a chance.

Please make yourself at home, and again, welcome to our family. :)

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Hello FjordEscape. :)

Thank you , for submitting the photos. :thumb:


Beautiful new escape there.

Yes, i noticed something in the day photo.

It appears to be a chameleon. ;)


Quite intriguing.

I can see grey and green.

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Our 08 is Black Pearl Slate as well and I must say coolest color ever! It is such a little chameleon (sp?) When recently getting it fixed (and repainted) they gave us a bottle for touch ups......I sooooo want to use it as nail polish so I can match my ride....hubby is not as thrilled with the idea :lol:
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