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What's up! I'm new to the forum. I'm in Staten Island, N.Y.. Don't have a Ford Escape yet. I'm looking to get a 2007 Ford Escape by the middle of next month. Is there anything I should know about this model year?
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Welcome to the City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hi: :welcome: :hi:
Welcome to the city! Like all vehicles make sure the previous owner was good about maintenance. Well taken care of these little trucks have proven to be solid performers, only problem point for less fortunate vehicles has been the transmission.
My '06 has been a great ride for me with very little needed to keep it that way, just the regular check ups at my local dealer.
If it has scalloped Conti-Tracs, have the dealer replace them with something you are more comfortable with. The Escape is like any other independantly sprung vehicle, sensative to the wheel alignment and tire wear. If they are scalloped, they are not worth having on the thing.

Otherwise, it's pretty good for a round town and highway machine. Great gas economy, but not class leader (oh well), quick acceleration with the V-6 and not bad with the 2.3L four, pretty reliable (better than most, imo), and easy to drive. Pretty much a winning combination.
What is scalloped Conti-Tracs? I'm new to these words. Also how is the outside noise in the cabin?
If it has new Conti-Tracs, have the dealer replace them :hyst: . They are awful.
It gets inside by way of chassis vibration. The tread looks all wiggly on the bottom, especially the closer to the sidewall it gets.

If the tires are rotated every four or five thousand miles, no problem. If they are not rotated, there's a problem. Especially the Conti-Tracs that were standard equipment on new Escapes till 09 when Ford went to another brand.
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