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A very warm welcome to you and I wish you many happy miles with your new vehicle.Now...
1/Most probably your 2001 V6 does not have a factory transmission cooler.To put or not to put one depends on the usage of the vehicle.If you are making daily short trips with traffic, then putting one is worth it as long as you can afford it.If it has a cooler I would not put an extra one unless I was preparing to hit the track.
2/Soon after you get hold of the vehicle, have the transmission oil changed at a legitimate place following the manufacturer's instructions, or you can do it yourself even better by asking for instructions here.It is an easy job, just a little time consuming.
3/Myself, I use Lucas transmission conditioner and I am very satisfied.
4/Easy on the acceleration pedal at the beginning until you are certain that the transmission is in good shape.
Welcome again and good luck.
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