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New Owner of Noisy 2006

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Good Morning.
I was very excited when I picked up my 2006 Ford Escape yesterday. Then I got on the highway to drive home....yikes! :( I had a headache by the time I got home! Yes, I test drove it, but it wasn't this noisy when I did! It's a hum that gets louder the more I accelerate. I mentioned it to the manager after my test drive and he did a cursory check of the tires and said they were fine. I am bringing it back to them, but thought I would just check in here and see if anyone had any ideas what might be causing it. I absolutely love this vehicle (aside from the hum) and pray it's something they can remedy easily and quickly. Thank you for your input.
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Tires and / or wheel bearings. Not much in the way of sound deadening in the rear of the Escapes, if you put on too agressive of a treaded tire it'll get noisy real quick.
How many miles on it? Once near 80k or more & I would not rule out wheel bearings
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