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New Tires and Speedo.

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Hello all,

I recently had my tires and rims changed from OEM 215/60/16 to 245/65/17. I love my new tires and look, however I have a couple of questions...

1. The only way to recalibrate de Speedo (i have a 12.9% difference) is to have the Xcal (I dont have one)?
2. How is the unsprung (did i spell it ok?) weight Affecting my handling? This tires weight 10pounds more.
I've always described the suspension of the E soft, and the brakes mushy, but I dunno if there is anything else to worry about...

I looked this topic before asking...but instead of hijacking the thread, decided to start one new.

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the responses!

FYI , I wasnt saying that the E suspension setup is bad, is adecuate for this type of SUV, just that maybe i havent been able to notice any changes... :lol:
Dasha said:
I was thinking of a different kind of Speedo!! :doh:
SUVord said:
I had my speedo calibrated at a Ford dealership.
It is a 10 minutes process and I guess most places don't want to deal with such a trivial thing with no financial benefit.Shame on them.
In that case I would take my car to a racing tuning place and have it done.
Mmmm....haven't Thought of about to get my 16000Km check, so Im gonna ask if they can fix it, if not i might go to the track and ask.

BTW mine is doing 17.9s 1/4 Mi at 2.606mts above sea level (8549 ft) :) and yours??
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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