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New to the forums and interested in doing a mod

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Hi guys and gals, Ive been reading through the forums for the past week or so now and seen alot of interesting stuff. I just bought an '06 hybrid and the sound, though not bad, is lacking. I had a mostly Alpine setup in the car I traded in to buy the hybrid, a 99 Mustang gt, because Im going to be having a baby and well the toy needed to go. But who says I cant still have a little fun with my new car right? So I have 2 12" Alpine R types that I wanted to use in a similiar setup that is already in the back of some Escapes with the one amp and sub. But I was thinking trying to put a sub in each side. I dont actually have the stock sub and amp and Im going to peruse some junk yards to see if I can pick up that back piece. I was wondering if anyone has actually had any expirence with something like that or has any knowledge about using those spaces. Also wondering if the wiring wiring that may already be there is going to be a problem. Im also wondering if its going to negitively effect the hybrid battery ALOT. I figure it will effect it just not sure to what extent. Thanks guys and Ill deffinately be throwing in my two cents now and again. I really like the quality of this forum.
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This what the 06 Hybrid would look like with a subwoofer and stock amplifier in the rear.

The stock amplifier isn't the best. Go for an aftermarket one and place it under the car seat.
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