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New Toy (im stealing jonas title Lol)

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heres is my new bike. i was driving it last summer, but i decided to purchase it.

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Congratulations on your new motorbike CrashNburn. :) :thumb: :happy:
Thanks for the photos CrashNburn. Almost everyone has acquired a new toy. Now what would i, like to have parked in my carport?. Has to be a silver 4x4 car. It wont be a big vehicle like the Hilux SR5. Will definitely be a medium size offroader. There will be a diesel motor in it.

During the spring and summer, i can redesign the roof. Reckon i could handle, having spare tire on rear hatch door. If it annoys me in context of rear view, i suppose it can be kept in cargo bay. The lockable fuel cap will have " DIESEL " indicated. On rear cargo door, there is a chrome badge depicted as ' CRD ' meaning Common Rail Diesel.

It will be an auto trans because i am a lazy driver. But obviously there is that separate lever ,for the low and high ratio. But the most important criteria for me, is that it will be the ' Hard core ' offroader. On both sides of engine bonnet, for the wrangler unlimited Jeep, the text will be shown as " RUBICON ". :) :drool: :drool:

Once again i am only dreaming. There is no guarantee as regards my job security. So henceforth i just can not take the risk. But i am considering the " Rubicon " wrangler in future. I do miss playing around in the mud, and have lots of memories. It was hard work cleaning the mud off from escape, but the fun experienced previously justified it. Noticed that my 'all terrains' were struggling. Even with proper mud tires, the escape would not have achieved much.

Yes, i felt severely dissapointed when the oil in auto trans was cooked. On some of the mud tracks with escape, even when i had the 4x4 engaged the sensation was not really positive. Could feel my suv only just managing. It was border line. I knew exactly that on these unsealed roads, something like a jeep wrangler would not be even struggling. Certain roads i experimented on, would have been a walk in the park for a Jeep.

I can imagine that Scotty ,would not have to be concerned ,about cooking the oil in his Jeep gearbox.
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