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New Toy (im stealing jonas title Lol)

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heres is my new bike. i was driving it last summer, but i decided to purchase it.

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the paperwork is complete, i just need to go to the MTO and pay the man.... damn taxes. they already collected the tax when it was originally purchased. but if it gets sold 25 times, they screw all 25 people. safety is on Wednesday so i should be driving it by Friday on a temporary plate.
thanks!! i will post a pic of me with it ready to ride once i get all the paperwork sorted out and can start enjoying it.
my wifes snapped a few pics before i went out for this seasons first ride. i will post them eventually!! a nice cool 100km
we are required to wear lids here. and i always wear at leaft my jeans, my joe rocket jacket, and gloves as well. im looking at getting the matching pants for my jacket.
pics as promised\

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Dasha said:
Lookin' mighty good!!! :thumb: :thumb:

wanna go for a ride? hehe :whistle:
i froze my *** off, but did a trip about 30km for a coffee with a buddy then drove back home. its currently 1deg and it feels like -2 according to the weather network. i dont know what the windchill is at 90km/h but ive been home for 10 minutes and my hands and legs are finally starting to feel a bit better. i need to get some electric under garments lol.
Finally WARM WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :wave:
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