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New York License plates

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I love my plates...HATE the new Empire Gold. They should've brought back the Statue of Liberty plates. I would probably change to those althought i really like the ones we have now. Would like nice on my Escape :)

Any New Yorkers here agree?
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jpark said:
The new plates are exactly the same orange color as the plates NYS had in the 80s, except for the curvy blue thing and the font for NEW YORK and EMPIRE STATE.

NYS also has dozens of other plate designs, but they're all extra-cost. Maybe I'll get Sabres or Bandits plates this time around.

Other than distinguishing NYS plates from the states around us, I have no clue why they went back to a plate color that only looks good on black cars. Luckily, that's us, but still...
I moved to NJ from NY so I did not have to succumb to those mustard plates. I liked the white ones and loved the old liberty ones. I agree they do look better on black or dark blue cars, but that's it. New Jersey plates are just arlight, but much better than the Empire Gold Ones.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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