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Good luck with the order & delivery.

Reminds me a bit of our experience ordering the very first model of Escape Hybrid… we started canvassing the local Ford dealers in 2002 shortly after the first FEH was shown at auto shows and most had zero information (some didn't even know there was going to be a hybrid version of the Escape).

Finally, in 2003, a "waiting list" was started and we were able to put our name down as part of a queue for eventual ordering (with no firm dates as to when Ford would begin taking orders for the FEH).

In June 2004 we were finally contacted and told we could place an order for a 2005 Escape Hybrid. Options and prices were available, and we had to put a substantial deposit down to confirm our place in line for delivery (no guarantees as to when that would occur).

Ford began manufacturing the Escape Hybrids in August 2004, and the first delivery to a prominent environmentalist occurred in September 2004. We didn't hear a word about our order until the call finally came in October 2004 that our vehicle was enroute... it felt like a long wait (and it was if you date back to 2002), but it was certainly worth it!

I think the 2009 Escape Hybrid will prove to be a good upgrade to the original.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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