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Nice rims/wheel skins for 2010 Escape hybrid?

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Anyone know where I can find some nice-looking and decently-priced chrome or chrome+black rims or wheel skins for a 2010 Escape hybrid? (16")

Eventually I want to upgrade to actual wheels and bigger tires, but that prob won't be until next tax season. :blush:

Please & thanks in advance!
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What are u wanting to spend? To find fairly priced rims you would have to ebay or craigslist. There you could find new or used rims and/or tires. Or you can go with new at or
OH ok those wont fit but I know what ur after. My buddy bought some CLADDING for his dodge nitro and they were cheap and looked good when Installed. What your looking at Is the same thing that the limited escapes have for premium wheels CHROME CLADDED WHEELS. they are just "hub caps" look on eBay that's where my buddy got his. Ill look too when I get home.
Gritty up! You got it, bet you can do that radio change your self. its just as easy as understanding this, plus thete are soo many how to's here with pics
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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