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NIKON SB800: The basics

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Some bloke submitted a video on ' You Tube'. Music he provided is, " Primavera" by Carlos Santana. Groovy music. For me it suits the SB800 speedlight tutorial. Was not expecting it, and quite surprised me.

The local camera rep, gave a demo of the SB800, by using my Nikon D40X. Yes, i was in agony, because i had credit card in pocket. :lol: :drool: Could have easily purchased it, but then cook would have lashed me.

Currently saving up, and i am very close to acquiring it. Anyway saving is more of a challenge for me. This may sound odd, but i find it induces me to be determined.

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HybridArchitect said:
I bought a Nikon SB-600 for use with my D300 the day I picked up the camera.
I bought a 600 later on, but it proved to be quite adequate for the things I was trying to shoot (portraits without red-eye problems as the flash is out of line of sight of people's retinas; flash bounce; etc). And after testing an SB-800 in the store, I in fact prefer the lower-priced and only slightly lower-powered 600 because the fixed display LCD on the back is easier to read in the dark (which is, you know, where you're going to be using flash a lot) than the decidedly dim dot-matrix text on the 800.

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