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NIKON SB800: The basics

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Some bloke submitted a video on ' You Tube'. Music he provided is, " Primavera" by Carlos Santana. Groovy music. For me it suits the SB800 speedlight tutorial. Was not expecting it, and quite surprised me.

The local camera rep, gave a demo of the SB800, by using my Nikon D40X. Yes, i was in agony, because i had credit card in pocket. :lol: :drool: Could have easily purchased it, but then cook would have lashed me.

Currently saving up, and i am very close to acquiring it. Anyway saving is more of a challenge for me. This may sound odd, but i find it induces me to be determined.

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I bought a Nikon SB-600 for use with my D300 the day I picked up the camera.

Since I tend to do a lot of wide angle photography (building interiors and exteriors) the built-in flash is next to useless as the coverage is not well-matched to the lens (and you will always get a large dark spot centred in the bottom third of the picture as the lens creates a shadow).

The SB-600 does me fine and it's built-in wide-angle dispersion cover that slides out from above the flash head to hinge down in front of it is perfect. The flash itself is moved far enough away from the camera body when mounted on the hot shoe to avoid any shadow issues with the lens.
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