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Ok, I could do with a little help here :confused: , as I'm thinking about a few more modifications to the Maverick to suit the "outdoors" lifestyle that I plan for it.
Does anybody know what the maximum weight that I can put onto the roofbars is (Thinking about installing a No Boundries style roof rack).
Also, on the Escape version you have amber marker lights next to the indicator. Is this a seperate bulb that gives the illumination, as I've had a close look at my headlamp housings and cannot see if that is the case.

My ultimate aim is to have a vehicle that we can go out for the day exploring the countryside / seaside in, and be relatively self sufficient. :thumb:

Plans so far include:
On Board small cooler/fridge
Hand held shower + water supply as in the original style Honda CRV sold over here
Sleeping arrangements for the odd night away

Has anybody any ideas/thoughts on the subject??, I know I could go out and purchase a caravan which would be a lot easier, but I would already be towing something else with the car ( Another idea I've had, after my doctor has advised me that I should take up a hobby ;) )

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I don't know for sure. But would consider heading out to a large camp ground and ingraciate yourself with folks that have vehicles that already are being used in that manner. Thereby finding out what they have done and maybe improving on their ideas and equipement. Basically no cost to you doing it this way. Also, whenever I get an idea to do something I head off to the magazine rack and look over whatever is available there. I am sure there are plenty of ideas at the local camping equipemnt outlet store. Maybe even adapting something from the competition like you suggest with the Honda product. Nothing wrong with that either, in my opinion. And even banging around on the internet would be of some help. Although I find myself missing the hands on approach of the magazines and store shopping.
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