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Not very happy right now. MOLD!!!

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So, we go to get the Christmas decorations out of storage. We come home to start putting them up and I decide to go to my sons closet to see if we had his still in there. That's when I notice a little mold down at the bottom of the wall. I strip everything out of his closet and this is what I see:

Needless to say, I gasped, and then held my breath. I've I am unaware how long this has been this way. In that corner is where my wife's wedding dress sat in it's box, along with my sons infant car seat, along with some other misc. stuff. All of which has mold on it. I'm going to try and break lease, I just wasn't planning on moving this soon. I had another 3 months to go. So, now I'm just at a loss. The complex has been contacted, but of course, everyone is gone for the holiday. Any legal advice from anyone or do you think I'm on my own?
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Think your on your own. They probably come in and spray a bleach agent on there. If it's a ritzy complex maybe they'll take the drywall out. I'm just glad you found it. it really looks like you caught it pretty quick, even with it spreading on to the other items..
Not ritzy, that's for sure. I'm sure if I moved out, they would just paint over it. They're more concerned with the outside appearance than anything else. I just keep telling myself 3 more months and I'm outta here!
You may want to call your locality's building inspectors to find out what (if any) regulations there are in your area.

When I used to be an inspector for the city I would require the owners to make an inspection hole to be sure the mold isn't coming from inside the wall. For surface mold I required the mold be removed (usually a bleach spray and scrub) and repainting with a mold sealing paint. For mold coming from inside the wall then any affected drywall comes off, affected framing is sandblasted clean and disinfected, new drywall installed and painted.

Montreal has a very strong residential building salubrity by-law that gave me the authority to force owners to do the work. If they were unwilling I could fine them and even have the work done and put a lien on their building.

Once you know what your locality's regulations are, the inspector will probably have you send the building owner a registered letter telling them you want that fixed NOW and hold them responsible for any mold related health hazards to your family.

It appears there is carpet on the floor, you may want to pull that up and look under it, by the mold pattern I am guessing you may have a nasty surprise under there.

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Definitely get the cities building inspector to come out and check out the closet. Not good! I'd seal off that closet with masking tape and plastic for the interim.

It won't kill you over night, but it can make you sick now and you wouldn't know it for months! Maybe years from now! It get down into your lungs and you become one sick puppy in a couple years.
Do what folks above said: notify landlord, building inspector, etc. Take photos, and then cover the whole thing with this stuff: Zinsser's BIN.

Our basement flooded a couple of years ago. I painted over the mold with this stuff, and no more mildew upstairs. When we first moved into our place, the corner wall looked just like your closet. Again with the BIN, and I was able to paint over it and no mildew in the air.

Best stuff ever, as far as I'm concerned, and it will certainly get you through the next few months of your lease.

- sG
Man that looks like bad stuff there.
Thanks for all the responses. They finally came out 2 hours later when I told them it was about 4 feet tall. They are going to come out on Monday and poke and prod at the wall to see where it's coming from and how bad. This is probably why my allergies have been going crazy. We'll see what happens.
Good deal! At least they are looking at it. Some places, well, I just don't know.

I forgot about the Zinsser's BIN. Good suggestion!
---I have a similar problem in Hubby's closet's on the outside wall, even though both doors are vented too. It's not the black mold though, grayish spots. Going to check out that paint mentioned in the thread.
Good luck.
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