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:) ;) :popcorn: I am partial to a variety of novels, depending on what the mood is. Science Fiction. Horror. Thrillers. Comedy. Drama.
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I understand JP! I bought a A+ Certification book couple years ago. :boring: :boring: :boring:

Then I compounded the problem by another factor...Net + ! :doh: :boring: :boring: :boring:

And now I have gotten my Certifications in A+ and Net +, I use the books for target practice. :shock:
I forgot to add that I am reading a novel, The Bourne Sanction. It's a contract book, Ludlum didn't write this one. Fascinating never the less... :thumb:

I used to read anything Clancy wrote, or Le Carre'. They have'nt written in a while, so it's off to Ludlum-land! Escapeism at it's best, for now!
I forgot to mention that I read Grisham, le Carre', Deighton, Crichton and Collins... :doh:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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