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Hey everyone.. again...

Ok so just a quick recap, my 2004 tribute is shooting the code P0153 which means my Oxygen Sensor Circuit
Slow Response (Bank2, Sensor1) So I'm just wondering as there could be several solutions to this problem, has anyone else encountered this code? And if not does anyone know where I can find some diagrams of this area so when I start to work on this problem I know what I'm looking at. Basically I realize that there could be a few things wrong so I'm working at them in this order:
* Check and fix any exhaust leaks
* Check for wiring problems (shorted, frayed wires)
* Check the frequency and amplitude of the oxygen sensor (advanced)
* Check for a deteriorating / contaminated oxygen sensor, replace if necessary
* Check for inlet air leaks
* Check the MAF sensor
for proper operation
* Replace the Bank 2 oxygen sensor upstream of the catalytic converter

I know how to check for leaks, and clean my MAF, but as for the wiring and location of the bank 2 sensor I am not sure where to look. Thanks for any help in advance, it is much appreciated.

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You're welcome! Please let me know if you need anything else.

I can also e-mail those diagrams in PDF format, if you need clearer diagrams.
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