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I discovered that Ford has free resources in the general descriptions (link below) to provide an overview of the OBD system used on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles since 1996.

  • * Description and operation of the OBD monitors including parameters being monitored, malfunction thresholds, enable criteria, execution frequency and duration for each monitor
    * OBD parameters that deviate from the typical parameters
    * Systems, components, or parts causing indicator light to illuminate
    * Interpreting "mode 6" data
    * Information to identify and diagnose other systems or components
    * Multiplex interactivity information
    Look in Section 4 of the PC/ED Manual to find: OEM-specific DTCs (i.e., P1XXX codes) and Diagnostic Trouble Codes relating to the monitor
    Look in Section 5 of the PC/ED Manual to find: Trouble shooting guides or trouble shooting information OBD
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