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Obligation to dealer on factory order?

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My wife and I ordered an Escape through a local dealer as they didn't have any in stock with the options we wanted. Well, we checked with another dealership tonight a few towns over and they have several.

My question is, what obligation do we have to the original order? I feel like a jerk but we didn't sign anything or pay a deposit. Also, they were not actually able to give us an exact price which seemed odd.

Now we are thinking of calling the first dealership up and canceling and buying one off the lot at the other. Any thoughts or opinions on this? I feel a little dirty, but...
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When we ordered ours I paid the total amount and gave them my trade. We waited 8-9 weeks for delivery. If you didn't sign anything I would "walk". This of course assumes it is not family or friends. Good luck.

Something to consider is to call another dealer and ask the question....If I order a vehicle am I compelled to take delivery? What about if the original dealer didn't provide any paperwork to sign?
I agree if you didn't put anything down or sign anything then a simple phone call to them to cancel is appropriate. I don't think they would order a vehicle without a deposit and/or signed agreement.
Thanks guys.

I called the dealer and explained the situation and they were fine with it. I had ordered the most common package so they were fine with keeping it and selling it which is why they didn't ask for a deposit.

Went to the other dealership and had a far better experience with them. Should have the Escape next week or the week after as it is has been built and is being shipped now. Pretty excited.
Why didn't the first dealer do an exchange with another Dealer ? I'm surprise the number of postings from people who ordered their Escape.
100Chuck said:
Why didn't the first dealer do an exchange with another Dealer ? I'm surprise the number of postings from people who ordered their Escape.
While I am not sure of the details on this there are some rumors of extremely bad relations between the two dealerships in our city.

I live in Fredericton NB Canada, about 40,000 population and we have 2 Ford dealerships with separate owners almost across the street from each other. You can see one from the other.

Apparently 10 or 15 years ago the two owners tried to come to an agreement on combining the two but things got ugly. Now they are in an intense competition with each other. It makes for great deals on Fords in town here. They are always trying to one up one another. Our sales guy at the first dealership didn't even suggest getting it off their lot. Perhaps as we are getting it on the A/Z plan there was not enough money in it to stop us from walking? Don't know.
That last piece of info could be very telling. Not sure how it specifically works now, but the dealer only got a set amount that they could charge the customer on the plan. It could be more hassle than what it is worth to them under those circumstances. :shrug:
All good now, picking up the new Escape tomorrow night!
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