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I would just go ahead and replace the plugs. Given that they have 117k on them, it is past time. There is not enough oil to indicate a leak from the cam cover spark plug well gasket/O-ring. Unless you know the history, the oil could be from someone dribbling some oil into the well, replacing the plugs and leaving it as is.
Should there be oil seepage down the front or back of the cylinder head onto the block, that would make me consider replacing the set of gaskets. If yours is dry externally, leave well enough alone as the oil on the threads amounts to a drop or two. If you want to experiment, get an old dry spark plug and put a couple drops of oil on the threads right below the plug washer, set the plug on a paper towel, on its side, and wait a day. A drop is likely to drool down the plug threads to the bottom and maybe form a droplet over the paper towel. Little bit of oil.
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