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I have a question regarding my 2009 Ford Escape with 2.5l engine. We recently purchased it and it currently has 117,000 miles. I went to change plugs and 2 of the 4 had oil on the threads.
In my photos spsrk plug order left to right or bottom to top is passenger side to drivers.
Plug 2 had oil the whole length of the threads and plug 3 only has oil from the top down about half way. They all look to be burning similar in the tip. Inside the plug well there was no oil pooling or oil leak appearance like the valve cover gasket is bad.
Any recommendations on what to check? Could it still be the VCG?
With plug 3 only having oil on the top half make me think it is still coming from above.

I have searched quite a bit and most often am brought back to VCG or PCV valve. Just the upper half coverage and no pooled oil make me question VCG.

Thank You
Hey Jake, welcome to the city.
you should be able to trace where the fluid is coming from. What do you mean, still the VCG? Was it changed recently?
Soak a rag with some carb cleaner or something, and wipe down the head, everything… Don't guess.
If this is not on the electrode, spark surfaces… Someone may have oiled the threads on the last change because they had trouble getting them out?
I would install your new plugs, and pull them again in 50 miles or so… see what they look like.
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