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Oil & weather

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It's going to be in the 100's on a consistent basis, and I'm using castrol Syntec 5W-20 and purolator PureOne filters.
I have to drive long distances every day to get to football, SEAL pre-training, and other events.
Should I go to 5w-30?
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according to my owners manual, ford said to use the 5w20 all the time. your already running synthetic! good idea, and one of my favorite brands lol) so i would just keep up your regular maintenance. if its mostly highway, dont worry about the temperature. if its all stop and go at 100deg then i would just keep an eye on the temp guage.
I have Never, read/heard of any engine failures from using 5w-20. Now, if you were pulling a trailer or had the vehicle loaded down. Then, I might suggest going with 5w-30. But the combination of oil and filter your using. I wouldn't worry about it.
to add to it, i had an 01 windstar and put 200,000km on it and did oil changes of 5W20 regular oil and filters. and never had a problem. 5w20 is expensive, and hard to find at a gas station in the middle of the night, but it seems to work great.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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