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Our New 2010 Escape XLT

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My wife and I picked up our new escape on the 19th of January and I figured I would post a couple pics.

The colour is Gold Leaf metallic. I would have preferred Sterling Grey or Black but alas, none in the area with the options we wanted so this was a close third. I've only ever owned black cars so this is a nice departure. We shall see how I like it a year from now.

It is pretty basic, we went with the V6, AWD, Sync and Convenience group and are very happy with it at this point. We got it with 84 KM on it and have run it up to just over 1300. Looking for excuses to go for a drive these days.

I was initially worried about the gas mileage coming from an 02 golf but haven't really noticed a big difference, other than the tank costs more to fill obviously. Gas mileage is hanging right around 12 L/ 100 KM.

The AWD makes a huge difference in the snow and the extra clearance is great. With a good set of winters this thing is unstoppable so far.

First pic is fresh from the dealership. First thing I did was install a hood deflector. When I purchased my Golf (the same day in fact), I took a huge rock on the front part of the hood, forever marring my paint job.

This is a pic of my (very very pregnant wife) wife in front of it down by the river here in Fredericton. We took it out to test the capability in the snow and play around with the AWD. We sent a card with this picture to her grandfather as he hooked us up with a pin for the A/Z plan. Made a big difference for us.

And last, but for sure not least is a picture of the greatest feature in a vehicle ever. i would choose this over leather and navigation any day. The Kleenex holder. haven't used one yet but it is reassuring to know they are there:

My only complaint is that the colour is a little plain, but that is our fault for being impatient.

Oh, and I love this site!
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Looks great! :thumb: I hope it gives you many trouble free years. I love my tissue holder too :D

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I couldn't find them for years. Then there was a thread on E-C called Kleenex boxes??? last spring and I had posted a couple of websits that sold them in cases. Anyway, a few days later, I actually found them at a car wash. A few weeks after that, I found them at a local drug store that was going out of business. I've got a stash now... :)P
Airmapper said:
...making me itch for a later model. That Kleenex holder is really rubbing it in. :lol:
You don't need a late model Escape for the awesome tissue holder option. I have one in my '02 Escape XLT. You just need the center console. You might be able to find one on eBay or at a salvage yard... :peace:
BeatJunkie said:
Funny thing, apparently that isn't meant to be a tissue holder. The 2010 Ford Escape user manual says, "Utility compartment console lid has a CD holder, a business card holder and two pen holders."

But if I can find tissue boxes to fit in that CD holder, I'll use it for that too. :D
That must be why it's such a tight fit for the tissue box in the newer models. In the earlier models, it was designed for the tissue box. I tried using it for CD's when I first got my Escape. I didn't know what it was for and I assumed CD's. Every time I hit my brakes, they would go flying out. :doh: I thought to myself, "Well that's the worst ever design for a CD holder!" Then I learned what it was really designed for. :)P
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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