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The tranny up shifts at about 35 mph. If you are doing alot of city driving where you transition up and down past the 35 mph, and your transmission is doing alot of up and down shifting as a result. You are supposed to turn it off. I'm thinking that you would have to be in freeway traffic that starts up, drives along then stops again. With mulitple repeats of shifting for like an hour that would make the defeat of the Overdrive worth considering. Supposedly that shifting will heat up the tranny and cause it to fail earlier in it's lifetime. :shrug:

Personnally, I don't bother. We live in DFW. We have plenty of traffic jams and heavy up/down shifting to our driving. Our Escorts and our other wheels that have the same or similar trannies have not failed as a result of not defeating the O/D. ;-|
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