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P0451 code

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Hello forum, I'm new the site and haven't really found much info on this. I have a 2008 Escape V6 with 125k miles so far. I've got the P0451 code for some time now but I'm looking to get it fixed since I'm due for inspection. I originally thought it was the gas cap and I changed that which helped for a week then it came back. Whenever I fill up gas, I squeeze the pump slightly or else gas will spew back out if I fill regularly. Any idea if this is the purge valve or if I'll need to replace tank?
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Welcome aboard. Do you have a scanner? Do you know read PIDs? If not, I recommend you replace item #3. Fuel tank pressure sensor.

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I'd suspect you have clogged evap vent system which has contaminated or damaged the FTP sensor as a secondary fault. The clog could be a vent solenoid stuck closed, a fuel-logged canister, a crimped or restricted vent line, or even insects that have mad a home in the open vent hose. Mud daubers (wasps) are particularly known for doing this.

Note that the FTP sensor is integral to that vent hose, it's not separately replaceable. The tank will have to be dropped to access the FTP sensor and that particular vent hose.
I'm also getting a P0446 code too if that will pinpoint acting exactly
That would have been useful information yesterday.

The P0446 DTC indicates an electrical circuit fault with the canister vent solenoid. Diagnose it first.
Where would this usually be located and is it something I could replace on my own?
Where would this usually be located and is it something I could replace on my own?
on big black box (vapor canister) underneath your car between the frame rails, usually you can see the connections underneath the drivers door side

Google the part online, or vapor canister, you can see pictures of it

I would say sure you can, but it is easy to break connectors trying to remove them. it's all plastic junk
you could probably get a low mileage vapor canister from a salvage yard for next to nothing.
Where would this usually be located and is it something I could replace on my own?
Item #6

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Too often, it's the wiring near the vent valve that has failed, not the valve itself. You really need to properly diagnose the fault instead of just replacing a part and hoping it was the problem.
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I brought the car in to a shop that only specializes in electrical repair. They checked the wiring and did a smoke test as well and said the same vent valve solenoid is leaking. I'm going to change the part today then clear the codes and see if they return
A "leaking" vent solenoid can cause a P0446 but it will not cause a P0451.
I'm not seeing a P0446 anymore after clearing the code and driving. I'll see if anything happens tomorrow as I'll be doing more miles then. To fix P0451, I understand having to drop the tank or would it be possible to access from under the backseat? Also this would be a different sensor and not the ftps?


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