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Xcape had his side cladding done by a body shop. They sanded the parts smooth, primed and then painted the surafaces and he says it has lasted in the elements quite well. The same process can be done interenally and I'm sure it would hold up well. The prep and primer are very important to get the good bond. The sell kits that have the primer and paints so you know you are getting paints that work well together.

I'd have to agree with the other so far and say a new truck looks good as a new truck but tasteful accents in the interior always look good, take much less time and money can be redone or replaced at the time of resale. Door handles, speaker covers, trim pieces but nothing that moves, gets flexed or is in a traffic area where the paint gets rubbed off...

Did you look in the cheap mods section here? Some real dumb ideas there ;)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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