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Part Price Question

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I found a set of used step bars for my 05 Escape Limited, he wants $165 shipped. Does that seem like a fair price? I have seen them for a good bit more and some have sold for less. Figured I would ask the experts before I bought them.
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KCCO_773 said:
Sometimes ebay parts are cheaper either used or new. Depends on the seller. It's where I've gotten most of the parts for the BARGE. Just have to keep searching and be patient on what you're looking for. Usually the dealer parts are expensive.
There was a guy on Ebay selling some other parts off of a wrecked Escape. I sent him a message and he wanted $200 but I got him down to $165. They are used but the car is in Texas so rust should not be an issue. He said they were in excellent condition.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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