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Perm - A - Shine?

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Anyone have any experience with Perm - A - Shine? they are having a huge sale this week where I live on their service. I'm sure it's not all it's cracked up to be but for half price...
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There is no such thing as a wax that last's the life span of the vehicle. A shiny finish is best maintained by waxing every 6 months the old fashioned way.
It's not bad.

Buy a can of cleaner / polisher wax from your local Autozone or Napa.
-The brand can be what ever you fancy but I use and recommend Mothers Carnuba Cleaner Polisher [i.e. This One in the red can]
- Get yourself some applicator pads like this
- Get yourself a package of terry towels. They're usually sold in a pack of 3 or 6.

Wash in the morning when the sun is low on the horizon and the body panels are cool

Step one - wash your car... either by hand or through the automatic [personal preference]

Step two - dry with 1 terry towel to remove the excess water. don't forget door jambs and under the hood where water will leak out

Note - As you get started waxing you can do sections at a time or wax the whole body at once.. your choice. as a beginner you might want to do sections until you get the hang of it. [sections for me are - hood + 1 fender, doors and 3/4 panel, tailgate + 3/4 panel, doors, fender and roof]

Step three - take 1 applicator [moistened to barely damp] and rub a thin coat of the wax on the applicator to be applied to the truck

Step four - swirl away on the body with light pressure. You'll need to reload the applicator with wax so keep the can close by. Also, you only need to use a little wax. The wax will darken as it dries to show you any spots you've missed and remember you only need a thin coat that provides full coverage.

Step five - At the end of each section, set the wax can and applicator down and pick up a dry terry towel. remove the wax with the terry towel by rubbing [any pattern works - just keep checking to make sure you remove all the wax]. Then rinse and repeat until you are done with the whole truck. Then enjoy your hard work with a nice cold drink.

Other Notes -

Do not let the applicator or terry towels hit the ground. The wet applicator will pick tiny pebbles and spec's of dirt that you would grind into the paint. Same applies for terry towels....

Do not wax in mid day unless you have access to a shady area that will keep the sun off the truck. the Sun will prevent the wax from drying... it's really hard to remove wet wax.

Store the applicator in the wax can when your done. it'll keep it clean and wet for the next round.
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