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Pets my family has owned

Cats (5 to be exact)

Prior to that there were 3 additional cats during this marriage.

From my first marriage, there were 2 still additional cats.

:bill: :bill: :bill: :bill: :bill:
:bill: :bill: :bill:
:bill: :bill:

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I got my first dog when I was 8 years old and he's still going.

He's a pug, he's fat, and his names angus. I think i've posted this pic before...


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Since being married twenty years ago, our list is
2 toy Poodles (wife's)
1 Skipperke (mine)
3 Collies (wife's and sons')
2 Bichon Frise (1 wifes' and 1 sons')
5 cats (two mine, three theirs)
2 gerbels (sons')
2 guinea pigs (sons')

Yet I have been the primary caregiver of these little I guess they are all mine. :doh: :lol: :lol:
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