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Fyrtrks said:
Is there a difference in the 08 and 09 air boxes? It looks like the intake turns more towards the grill in the 09's compaired to the 08's or was there a mid year change of the air boxes.
The 2008 runs the older 3.0L engine, so I'm going to guess that the air intake is different.

Also, to help with the 2009+ V6 argument, I didn't notice it when I bought the car but the rubber tubing had fallen off the box-side... and I got 1MPG better on the highway before I reattached the tubing. My guess is that it picks up the air that runs between the grille and the hood (because you can fit a finger in there). An easy mod would be to cut a hole on the grille to accomdate for more air (and maybe some custom work to get additional air from the front, as a faux ram air intake). I'm going to do more work on this when I finish school.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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