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CharlieJ said:
oskerb said:
Finally took her on the highway, 21 mpg on a 51 mile trip. I'm gonna go on another highway trip probably next weekend to confirm. Still getting 17.6 to 18.6 in city and at one point got to 19 mpg
I guess I'm missing something here... because I've run three tanks of gas thru my '09 V6 Escape (purchased pre-owned on 4/09/10) and I'm averaging 24.02 MPG now -- with just a new K&N filter installed in the stock box.

BTW, not trying to hijack this thread, but would the Weapon-R CAIs work on a 2009 Escape? I have seen lots of mentions of 2008's, but have not seen any air intake mods for a 2009 V6.
Okay something is not adding up. I am getting 21 to 22 mpg with a stock air box with the tube removed. This is all city miles or stop and go. on long trips I have averaged 25 to 26. That just under 400 miles I have traveled. I am going to do my own expermenting in the next few weeks. Let you guys know what I come up with.

But on a nother note everone is right the cooler the air the better it works. Worm air = a loss in power and cool air = a gain in power. no matter how you find it or can get it.
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