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I went ahead and took the plunge and bought a WEAPON-R SECRET WEAPON INTAKE system for my 08 ESCAPE V6 (ebay). Installed it in about an hour. I really like it and in the one trip that I have taken tonight. I can tell that there is a slight change in throttle response and of course there is an outstanding THROATY sound coming out of the intake. I will see how the gas mileage changes in the coming weeks.

The only complaint is that for the price that is charged the intake. The should be a little more attention in how it fits in the intake area. As the intake is very snug and not 100% perfect fit

Now I have been pricing out a "build it yourself" intakes system for some time and at first came to be like $60 short of buying the WEAPON-R. Now that I have the intake I think I could have gone a little cheaper on the "build it yourself" intake. All that is needed is:

- 2x 90 degree elbows ($20 each)
- 3x couplers (1x 2.5" to 3" coupler 2x 3' to 3" coupler) ($10 each)
-1x air intake filter ($30)
-1x MAF adapter part #9705 SPECTRE ($40) (see spectre website

Now these prices are approximate and you could probably find this for a little cheaper depending on your ebay habits.

This is an open ended filter and I hooked up the open end to the the stock air inlet(where the red/black fuse holder is). Also it cant be seen but the air filter touches the strut area battery when installing and a very tight fit. The coupler closest to the throttle body has to be manipulted as seen with the pipe vise being canted to avoid constant touching with the strut area and battery. The vacum hose is rigged with a platic tube bought and platic coupler as the rubber hosed supplied was way to small to fit the vacum hose As soon as i get time I will make a air box for it.
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