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oskerb said:
Now I have been pricing out a "build it yourself" intakes system for some time and at first came to be like $60 short of buying the WEAPON-R. Now that I have the intake I think I could have gone a little cheaper on the "build it yourself" intake. All that is needed is:

- 2x 90 degree elbows ($20 each)
- 3x couplers (1x 2.5" to 3" coupler 2x 3' to 3" coupler) ($10 each)
-1x air intake filter ($30)
-1x MAF adapter part #9705 SPECTRE ($40) (see spectre website

Now these prices are approximate and you could probably find this for a little cheaper depending on your ebay habits.
Im a little confused about this parts list, the MAF adapter you suggested is on a 4" pipe and the rest is 3"? Also would I need to get the vacuum sensor adaptor as well? They have the other pipes like you said but I do they come with connectors or are they fitted so that one end has the connector built in? From their site I cant tell and Im an automotive novice so I dont honestly know what Im looking at here.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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