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Pics of my new Mariner.

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Well, we did it. After nursing one of our cars along for the last couple years by fixing this, fixing that,... the normal little problems that crop up on older high mileage cars, I had enough and we decided on a new 2009 Mariner Premier! It's only been a day or so since we picked it up so no road trips or anything like that to tell about, but we at least have the Sync working and have figured out where everything is. :) I took a few quick snapshots during my lunch break today to get them up here for all of you to see.

It's color is Light Sage Metallic and we like how it takes on some of the colors of it's surroundings.

It's interior is Stone Leather and has the Moon & Tunes Elite package, heated seats, etc,...

Our first impression while driving it is that it's demeanor is pretty elegant for a small SUV and we love the ice blue dash lighting and the ambient lighting throughout.

It's competition for us was the RAV4 and the CRV, (both fine vehicles) but in the end neither of those vehicles appealed to us in the way the Mariner did and we're really happy with the choice. I'll be ordering some new floor mats, bike rack, and possibly some more accessories for it as time goes on.

Thanks for looking!
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Great looking Mariner!! I know you'll enjoy her immensely!!! Thanks for posting pics!!
:wave: :beer: :wave:
jonas1022 said:
Congratulations on the new Mariner. Very sharp looking machine for sure! Imo you made the right choice. :thumb:

I work with a guy that bought a new RAV4. He happened to drive it the same day I drove my wife's Tribute to work last week. I just saw a red RAV4 with an open space next to it and parked in it. He really gave it the once over. Said it's nice, seemed very well appointed and looked to have more cargo space. I reciprocated in saying he had a very nice looking SUV, and the chrome work wasn't bad at all. :angel: He asked what it had for options (basically nothing), that everything was standard equipment. He was shocked. :shock:

Then he asked what I paid for it. When I told him, his face fell on the ground :blush: . I guess he paid more for his Toyota. :shrug:
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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