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Here's something I just found out that I think it great.

I have my PS3 hooked to my wireless network, and my desktop PC hardwired into the router as well. I found out that, if you have this setup, and you're running Windows Media Player 11, you can use your PS3 to access files in My Music, as well as My Photos and My Videos.

On WMP, go to Options, Library and then under Sharing, go to Config. Then, on the PS3, go to music, video or pics and search for media servers. When it finds your computer, go back to the WMP, and accept the new unnamed access (PS3) and you're ready to start streaming videos, music and pics to your flat screen!!!! Just make sure you leave WMP running on your computer (minimized is fine) to access thru your PS3.

I was so excited, because now I can stream MP3s to my 6.1 surround sound home stereo! Any other neat tricks out there?

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You can also do the same thing between a PS3 and Macintosh computer (OS X), with numerous methods/software available to allow streaming (or copying) of music & videos from the Mac to the PS3.

I can call up any of my albums from iPhoto and do a slideshow on the TV with music selections from iTunes. Great stuff.
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