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Please help a newbie

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I have an'03 Escape Limited AWD, V6 , with about 85000 miles on it. I have had an intermittent starting issue, and after viewing this site changed the IAC.Tha t did not help.

Seems to only happen after it is driven then left to sit for about 6 hours. The starter cranks good and strong, but it will not fire up. When you let go of the key after cranking, you can hear a large pffffft type sound. Usually it will then start on the second or third time. Seems worse in warm weather. With winter coming, I am worried the battery will not be able to crank long enough to start.

It has been to the shop and has no codes. I have not noticed the antitheft blinking when the problem occurs. I left the it at the shop for four day, and they could not reproduce (of course).

Anybody have any ideas as to what I can try? Thanks in advance!!
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I have same problem, I Just live with it :( I think it is getting flooded. as if i crank it again and sometimes hit the gas as its starting to (help it) i get smell of gas.
Mine drives just fine also. just when starting.

SUVord said:
...As for the original colt45's starting problem what really baffles me is the fact that after the car starts it drives perfectly and with no other issues.Shouldn't a crancshaft or camshaft positioning sensor malfunctioning would mess up with the perfect timing while driving?
Without buing anything I would clean thoroughly the intake air system from the filter pipe to the carburation mechanism, making sure the cock baterfly moves freely and closes tight when released.I wish I could be of more help.
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