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Please help a newbie

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I have an'03 Escape Limited AWD, V6 , with about 85000 miles on it. I have had an intermittent starting issue, and after viewing this site changed the IAC.Tha t did not help.

Seems to only happen after it is driven then left to sit for about 6 hours. The starter cranks good and strong, but it will not fire up. When you let go of the key after cranking, you can hear a large pffffft type sound. Usually it will then start on the second or third time. Seems worse in warm weather. With winter coming, I am worried the battery will not be able to crank long enough to start.

It has been to the shop and has no codes. I have not noticed the antitheft blinking when the problem occurs. I left the it at the shop for four day, and they could not reproduce (of course).

Anybody have any ideas as to what I can try? Thanks in advance!!
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What Four_Eyes begin with.
Then other issues come to play, like when was the last time you checked or changed your spark-plugs .How are your vaccum hoses etc.
As an advice to save money and frustration in the future, if someone suggests a remedy do not take it as a certainty unless it is accompanied by some means of pinpointing checks.
Also, this is the time in the Northern atmosphere when temperatures change drastically and condensation helps surface all kinds of electric and electronic mishaps on our vehicles.
Please keep us posted with your progress.
micmar07 said:
I have same problem, I Just live with it :( I think it is getting flooded. as if i crank it again and sometimes hit the gas as its starting to (help it) i get smell of gas.
Your description dear micmarO7 indicates injector problems due to some clogging mainly.
It is not advisable to hit the gas pedal when starting under these conditions.Instead, before even you start turning the ignition key step on the throttle pedal all the way to the floor, then turn the ignition key and you release the pedal slowly after the engine has started.
...As for the original colt45's starting problem what really baffles me is the fact that after the car starts it drives perfectly and with no other issues.Shouldn't a crancshaft or camshaft positioning sensor malfunctioning would mess up with the perfect timing while driving?
Without buing anything I would clean thoroughly the intake air system from the filter pipe to the carburation mechanism, making sure the cock baterfly moves freely and closes tight when released.I wish I could be of more help.
Four_Eyes said:
Yeah, that's why I was thinking it could be a harness or connector problem. If he has a faulty CPS or CKPS, he'd be misfiring all the time, even have the engine shut-down. But even the connector/harness is a best guess (based on symptoms).
I agree and hope that soon the problem is resolved with an accompanying note.
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