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Please help a newbie

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I have an'03 Escape Limited AWD, V6 , with about 85000 miles on it. I have had an intermittent starting issue, and after viewing this site changed the IAC.Tha t did not help.

Seems to only happen after it is driven then left to sit for about 6 hours. The starter cranks good and strong, but it will not fire up. When you let go of the key after cranking, you can hear a large pffffft type sound. Usually it will then start on the second or third time. Seems worse in warm weather. With winter coming, I am worried the battery will not be able to crank long enough to start.

It has been to the shop and has no codes. I have not noticed the antitheft blinking when the problem occurs. I left the it at the shop for four day, and they could not reproduce (of course).

Anybody have any ideas as to what I can try? Thanks in advance!!
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minnesotaart said:
Just went through something similar to this twice in the past year. 2 Tauruses (or would that be Taurii???) that I deal with (a '98 and an '02 - both with the Duratec) exhibited similar behavior. Tried many of the cheaper fixes on both of them, but in the end it was the fuel pump going out on both of them. One had 64k miles (the '02) and the other had 155k. What I learned is that you can't predict when the pump will go as it works great and then it doesn't work. If my '02 Escape exhibits these symptoms I will replace the fuel pump and move on. Not cheap, but no sense getting stranded!
That is the same exact problem i had with my taurus and it caused me to be stranded on the highway and i had to have it towed to a shop. My taurus had 146k on it. It was also intermittent and i still could smell gas every time i attempted to start it after waiting a few seconds with the ignition on to "prime" the pump.
and yes it is "Taurii" :)
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