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Please Help Me! 2005 Air bag cover

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ok... being the dumb-*** that I am...

i was in the passenger seat of my friends 2005 escape 4 door and I lifted up the airbag cover a little bit.
we couldn't get it to go back down...

now the dealership is saying it will be $850 to fix it!!

What can I do? My friend is willing to just live with it but I don't think he should... $850 seems like a ton of money to fix such a small problem. Is there a way to fix it?
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The part you lifted is the deployment door. Not to preach, but you're lucky it didn't deploy on your face.....seriously. I wouldn't try to force it back in place either, you could deploy it. Even just trying to GENTLY pushing it back into place, the SRS should be powered down to prevent accidental deployment.

The airbag is held onto the frame that's integral to the whole dash. The deployment door that you lifted is part and parcel of the airbag unit and uses 3 clips to secure it to the dash. It all fits together precisely.

It's impossible to tell what you dislodged when you lifted it and why it won't go back in place. Like LX302 said, take it to a body shop, they might quote you cheaper.

Good luck.
The dash is not part of the SRS, but they both bolt onto the same frame system behind them, secured by 4 bolts. That's what it says on my Ford Factory shop manual for the 2005 Escape. The cover with the corner he pulled off is not part of the the dash. It's part of the airbag unit and the shop manual refers to it as the deployment door. The deployment door comes off with the airbag unit that it's attached to. It's "clipped" (but not secured) to the dash on the bottom.
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