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Please Help Me! 2005 Air bag cover

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ok... being the dumb-*** that I am...

i was in the passenger seat of my friends 2005 escape 4 door and I lifted up the airbag cover a little bit.
we couldn't get it to go back down...

now the dealership is saying it will be $850 to fix it!!

What can I do? My friend is willing to just live with it but I don't think he should... $850 seems like a ton of money to fix such a small problem. Is there a way to fix it?
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Some years ago I had to take off all the air bags from my 2004 XLT for safety reasons and this is what I found reffering to the passenger air bag.
1/The dash cover is NOT an integral part of the air bag mechanism.
2/It does not have any activation or other mechanical connection with the air bag.It is just pushed outward because of the force of the nitro-blown bag.
3/It is held in place by some very soft sliding inserts.
I suspect that by playing with it those soft sliding hinges were deformed and that is the reason the cover does not sit properly any more.
My suggestions:
1/Leave as is.It won't jeopardise the air bag deployment when needed.
2/Pry the cover out and with some dexterity try to reform those sliding hinges with some RTV.
If you do not know to handle things like that it is strongly recomened that you cut off the battery by disconnecting the ground pole.

And, unfortunately, that cover piece is not sold separately but is part of the whole passenger side air bag.
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