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I have a 2009 XLT "premium" audio system...really? It is horrible. The door speakers, I took out the other night. I did not know what I was looking at. It is pitiful excuse for a midrange coaxial speaker. The is horrible people. Please do not get a factory subwoofer if you need one. I will tell you how pitiful the audio system and its components..turn the radio actually get quiter. They have it programmed to remove bass as to protect the horrible speakers in the doors. Drop everything and tomorrow purchase any 6x8 inch speaker on the market and be amazed at the difference. I would suggest Infinity Reference series 6x8 inch 2 way speakers. $65.00 a pair through Crutchfield. They will still remove bass when vol is raised if you have the factory radio. A digital sound processor can fix that issue
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