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***** A poodle, a terrier, and a great dane were all at the vet. The terrier turned to the poodle.

... " What are you in for? "

.. " Well, every time i see a car, i just want to chase it. One day i got a car in an accident and killed the driver. My owner thought it best to put me down."

All the dogs agreed it was a shame.

** " I'm here, to be put down too " said the terrier. " Every time i see the postman, I just want to bite him. The post office complained."

.... " Well, " said the great dane. " My owner just got out of the shower, and was drying off her legs, and i decided to jump on and have my way with her."

** " She's putting you down for that? " asked the poodle.

..... " No! , I'm getting my nails trimmed. " :lol: :hyst: :lol: :hyst: :D :clap:
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