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Poor Man's alternative to Weathertech or Husky

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The el-cheapo Canadian Tire Suv/Truck rubber runner mat at $21.59 CDN ... 5358606711

I didn't like having two small mats in the rear and was too cheap to pay for Weathertech or Husky. It's definitely not as good and requires a little cutting to make it fit. I had to cut away about 3 inches to fit the area of the centre storage/armrest. Overall, I am quite pleased with how it looks (for the price) :)

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Very nice :thumb: Too bad Canadian Tire isn't in the U.S. at all.

I did find a similar product online by a company called Rubber Queen. Their Ultra Duty All Season Runner (product #7092).

The difference is the Rubber Queen is designed to be trimmable and it comes in 3 colors.. It's also relatively inexpensive at about $25. Problem is I only found it on one online store:

No idea what shipping costs are. I also can't find the dimensions. I'd love to see this in real life at a local store...
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