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Poor Man's alternative to Weathertech or Husky

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The el-cheapo Canadian Tire Suv/Truck rubber runner mat at $21.59 CDN ... 5358606711

I didn't like having two small mats in the rear and was too cheap to pay for Weathertech or Husky. It's definitely not as good and requires a little cutting to make it fit. I had to cut away about 3 inches to fit the area of the centre storage/armrest. Overall, I am quite pleased with how it looks (for the price) :)

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Just purchased new style rear runner (made by Rubbermaid) from Canadian Tire for my 2010 Escape and it fits like it was custom made, no trimming, perfect, and looks much better than old style with a contoured fit as well. Looks good and seems rugged. ... ?locale=en
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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