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The good old spud is versatile. They can be sliced to make fried chips. The potato skin is not wasted and can be used for compost. Baked potatoes or mashed, whichever you prefer. A bit of salt and pepper or let a dab of butter melt on them. Wrap in alfoil and bake them in the camp fire embers. :)

There are many variations for potato salad. My grandma would slice tiny little chunks of herring fish, to create interest and give it that bit of edge. Some people like their spud salads creamy and a bit sweet. I am partial to the salad that has a tangy edge. For example sour gherkin, onions , lemon and tiny bits of herring fish such as ' Meine liebe Oma' created in years gone by.

" Meine liebe Oma " translates to ' My darling Grandma '. Dear old nanna has passed away quite a few years back. Her cooking talents had no limits. Oma's " Kartoffel Pfannkuchen " which is potato pancakes were our hot favourite. :) :yahoo: Grandma's culinary expertise allways intrigued us. This potato pancake meal would be served up about every three months.

The reason being ,is that it be a very time and labour intensive procedure. This menu involves an incredible amount of work in the preliminary procedure. For those of european ancestry you will know exactly what is involved. Depending on the size of a family, will be relevant as to how many bags of spuds are required.

There is peeling. They are shredded on the grate. The other ingredients are set up. Actual frying process takes up time. So henceforth a considerable amount of hours, were spent by my dearly loved Oma who is now departed, into creating and cooking these pancakes. :thumb:
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That reminds me of when I was a ten year old in Germany. 1961. I ate with the German landlord lady downstairs. My brother and his wife had rented out on the economy rather than live in the Barracks for families in Kaiserlautern.

Marta, the landlady, worked to make a lunch for her kiddo Anna Marie. She was the only German kid that was interested in playing with me, and I think that was so she could learn English for her schooling.

Anyway, her mom would make lunch for Anna and myself. If I wouldn't take seconds she would threaten me with the potatoe masher and told me she would stuff it down my throat if I didn't take another serving. I had to grow up and be big and strong like a good American boy... :roll: And boy have I grown up! :lol: If poor Marta could only see me now! :blush:
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