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Power Steering Pump expired

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It's been -40 degrees (wind chill) and colder here for 3 or 4 days. Went to start the Escape and it made a funny (not ha ha funny) rattling noise. Let it warm up a few minutes, then started driving and the steering felt very stiff. Knew it right away by the puddle of fluid on the ground, Power steering is shot. Has anyone replaced the Power steering in an 03 Escape with the V6?? Any tips other than take it to the shop??

Thanks for any help!
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Windchill only affects wet objects, so your car won't feel windchill.


Looks like an engine mount has to come out, and I am not sure if the pulley can be removed and installed with conventional tools (i.e., standard 2/3 jaw puller and a hammer).

I'm just curious - do you ever replace the power steering fluid? Oh, and do you ever hold the steering wheel against the stops?
Do you know for sure that the pump is shot? Sometimes in very cold weather the fluid gets so thick that it causes a pressure spike and pops one of the hoses off. Mercon V as PSF should handle cold weather better than Mercon.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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