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Power Steering Pump expired

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It's been -40 degrees (wind chill) and colder here for 3 or 4 days. Went to start the Escape and it made a funny (not ha ha funny) rattling noise. Let it warm up a few minutes, then started driving and the steering felt very stiff. Knew it right away by the puddle of fluid on the ground, Power steering is shot. Has anyone replaced the Power steering in an 03 Escape with the V6?? Any tips other than take it to the shop??

Thanks for any help!
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hey toc, you can go to Canadian tire, and sight out the tool you need for the pump from the loan a tool program. just use your credit card for the deposit. pull off your passenger front tire and the plastic shroud and you can see the pump sitting there just chillin like a broken villain.
wow 100 bucks eh thats awesome!!., i would have charged you about 50 for labor even if i put it in my shop. thats a good deal, my buddy has a 91 F350 1 ton, and his gear bow was puking out iol faster then you could put it in, he got a complete rebuild kit on ebay for like 8 bucks lol. the best part about being a mechanic, labor on my fleet is cheap., its just finding the time to do it lol.
ya, being a mechanic for the army does have a few advantages, one being we usually have the right tool for the job. the lift we have is ok, but there are better ones. the one we have is a drive on ramp hoist. with 2 moving air operated lifts, it great for tires and brakes and such, but for some stuff its just pain in the way.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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