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I have my first question. :bang:

The PRNDL light (in the dark) is, to me, abnormally dim. There is light coming to the PRNDL area but I can only make out the selector location when I have the interior lights on full power. When I have the interor lights on a ~75% dimmer setting the PRNDL is no longer visible.

Is this common?

Should I pull the trim pieces and see if the light is not seated in the light box properly?

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It's funny that you brought that up. The shifter is the only interior control in most new Fords that still uses a light bulb. All other interior controls are now lighted by LEDs. The bulb and socket are installed fairly securely, and the bulb would fall straight down and out of the light compartment if it was loose at all, so it's probably just the fact that the bulb isn't very bright.

Since the bulb is either a #37 or #74, you can replace it with a white LED retrofit, but try to find an LED with a wide beam. A narrow-beam LED will make the letters in the center brighter than the ones on the upper and lower edges.

I actually took apart the shifter assembly in my Edge and designed a circuit board with 10 LEDs, but that's because that was the only way to change the letter colors from green to blue. My phone doesn't take the best pictures at night, but here's what my interior looks like now. The shifter is a definite improvement over the dim green factory markings.

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